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Class cancellations

Friday 29th January
Any Bank Holiday Mondays (e.g. Easter, May, August)

Good Friday


Please visit regularly to keep updated of any class cancellations and other events


Beginners are always welcome, you can contact Sensei Steve or, Sensei Catherine for more information (see Contacts page) or just come along to any of our sessions

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Dojo New Years Meal - 17th January 2015 - Shiki Restaurant

Shiki japanese restaurant

2015 Annual dojo meal at Shiki, Steve and Catherine in their kimono, Raoul, Quentin and Nick

We had an excellent time at our annual New Years Dojo Meal once again at the fabulous Shiki, a japanese restaurant on Tombland in Norwich.  This year we had the best turn out and with the added excitement of Sensei Steve and Catherine going native dressed in kimono!

Thanks again for all who attended. It was decided by all that we had so much fun we should have another meal in the summer.


BUDO WEEKEND 14th- 16th JUNE 2013

Thanks to all who helped with the Budo weekend.  Everyone is encouraged to get involved with the next one!

FRIDAY - AIKIDO - 7.30-9.30pm - Norwich Dojo
Aikido Training as usual at Norwich Dojo, some visiting instructors for Budo weekend joined us.

SAT - BUDO - 10am - 6pm - Wymondham Dojo
Lots of Different Martial Arts Teachers - Aikido, Sword, Judo, Karate,  ABC Defence, Korean, Ju-Jitsu and Cane,  and more

Evening Meal - 6.30pm
Railway Inn, round the corner from the Wymondham Dojo, opposite the entrance to Wymondham railway station

SUN - JUDO - 9.30am - Wymondham Dojo
Judo Competition

** RAFFLE ** Prizes included a Japanese and wooden swords and much more

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Pushing for Peace Aiki Extensions course at Burwell - 4th-6th July 2014

Our Sensei Steve Fyffe taught a session on doing Aikido while Blind at a brilliant 3 day aikido course held at the dojo of our good friend Quentin Cooke in Burwell, Cambridgeshire.  The course was organised by Aiki Extensions.

Aiki Extensions is an international group that seeks to bring together people who want to take the principle of aikido off the mat and into the wider world. O Sensei described aikido as the' Art of Peace' and saw it as' a way to reconcile the world. A 100 years on from the start of the First World War, with conflict with war still raging in various parts of the world and conflict of some sort featuring in most of our lives, it seems appropriate to have a seminar focusing on how we can make O Sensei's vision come true. Every ocean began with a drop of water and so whilst it is not expected that the seminar will change the world overnight, it just might provide some inspiration for the quiet and positive ways we can all make a difference in our own communities. It's time to turn the drop of water into a shower of rain.

The seminar was a great opportunity to meet with people that share this vision and to learn new ways of expressing ideas of Peace in aikido practice both on and off the mat. 

Sensei Steve teaching blind aikido seminar

Click here to visit the Pushing for Peace webpage

Aiki-dokaTraining at Pushing for Peace course

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International Aiki Peace Week - 15th - 21st September 2014

O sensei the founder of aikido, said that 'Aiki is not a technique to fight with or defeat the enemy. It is the way to reconcile the world and make human beings one family'.  This was his big idea and it's what sets aikido apart from all other martial arts.  His genius was that he could demonstrate that even in an extremely violent situation, it was possible to produce harmony, and he laid down a set of principles that could be used both on and off the mat to resolve conflict of any sort.


International Aiki Peace Week allows us to play a part in making O sensei's vision a reality.   Our world needs people to stand up for peace and joining in with Aiki Peace Week makes a clear statement as to the type of aikido we want to practice and we hope communicates  a positive and powerful message about aikido to the world at large.

Aiki Peace week

ADL seminar - Journey to the Heart of Aikido - Sunday June 22nd 2014

Sensei Steve and Catherine attended the Journey to the Heart of AIkido seminar at Burwell, hosted by our good friend Sensei Quentin Cooke.  The seminar was taught by Linda Holiday Sensei – (6th Dan)- Dojo Cho of Aikido of Santa Cruz and the author-of 'Journey to the Heart of Aikido' 

Linda Holiday is an inspiration to our aikido, she moves so gently but with great power.  She has studied in Japan with Ano Sensei, 8th dan, who is a direct student of O-Sensei and we were privileged to attend her seminar.

Sensei Steve and Linda Holiday

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Norwich Vineyard Summer BBQ and Family Fun Day - 21st September 2014

Sensei Steve and Catherine gave an aikido demonstration at the Norwich Vineyard BBQ and family fun day.  We followed on from the circus skills demonstration and a few laughs were had including when Steve demonstrated how to prevent himself from being lifted and Catherine got to throw Steve around.  The grand finale was an iaido demonstration by Sensei Steve, I think a few people were surprised to see a blind man wielding a samurai sword :)

Several pictures of Sensei Steve and Catherine demonstration aikido and iaido at the Norwich Vineyard summer BBQ and fun day

Aikido for Daily Life AGM - Glasgow - June 20th - 21st 2015

Sensei Steve and Catherine along with Fergus the guide dog braved the epic journey by train from Norwich to Glasgow on the friday before.  With assistance from friendly staff at various train stations they made all their connections and Fergus was on his best behaviour.

Saturday morning Steve and Catherine enjoyed a guided bus tour of Glasgow with a live Glaswejan tour guide.  Fergus curled up in the buggy bay and fell asleep! 

Great fun was then had in the afternoon training together with other dojos of Aikido for Daily Life at the Caledonian Universities Arc sports centre.  A big hit was Sensei Steve's seminar showing everyone how to train and teach aikido when you are blind.   Half the aikidoka were blindfolded and paired with a sighted partner.  The sighted partner then had to explain to the blindfolded one the techniques being demonstrated by Sensei Steve and Catherine.  There were mixed results with those training with a blindfold, some scared and some finding it easier to sense their partners.

At the end of saturday the Annual General Meeting for Aikido for Daily Life was held discussing membership fees, hardship funds and courses.

On Sunday morning more time was spent training together.  Banger and mash pub lunch was acquired for lunch before braving the train home.

Fergus on the train


November 20th 2015 - Visit from Quentin Cooke, 7th Dan

Quentin Cooke Sensei

Our dojo was excited to welcome back our good friend Quentin Cooke, 7th Dan from Burwell Aikido dojo. Quentin is Chair of Aikido for Daily Life and Director of Aiki Extensions.  He visited us with several students from his dojo to teach and train with us.  Quentin gave an excellent session on dealing with stress and aikido in management. This was greatly appreciated by Sensei Catherine as she was going for a job interview for a management position!  More information on Quentin Cooke and his work with Aiki-Extensions can be found on our Aiki-Extensions sub-page to the left

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New Years Meal - 9th January 7:30pm at Ciscos

Ciscos logo

In a break from recent traditions, our New Years dojo meal was not at Shiki's but instead at a pan Asian restaurant we have discovered in Norwich which also does amazing sushi!  A wide range of food was discovered including the aforementioned sushi, cooked eel, tempura prawns and squid and last but not least tempura icecream!

Still keeping with tradition, Sensei Steve and Catherine wore their kimono and several bottles of Japanese Sake were handed out as gifts.  

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