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Aikido and Budo Japanese Martial Arts School in the Norwich and East Anglia area Member of Aikido for Dailly Life (ADL) Affiliated to the British Aikido Board (BAB
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Dojo banner including name, BAB insured, member of ADL and Aiki Extensions

Aikido and Budo Japanese Martial Arts School in Norwich + and East Anglia area

A warm welcome from Steve Fyffe Sensei, 5th Dan 

Steve's Telephone Number if you wish to contact him is: (01603) 401846
Please use the link below or see the Contact Details page for Steve email

Please check the Dojo Noticeboard for events, class cancellations and other news

To Email Steve Sensei, click here

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  • The Dojo can be found in the school gym, at the end of the corridor opposite the reception desk.
  • If in any doubt, please ask at the reception desk, where I am sure that one of the staff will help you.
  • Changing rooms with showers are available. It is advisable to arrive early to help put mats out and deal with registration before class start time.

Friday Practice at Sewell Park Sports Centre, Norwich

Main training session from 7:30pm to 9:15pm - 9:30 pm (according to the type of Training) 

The Dojo is also available from 6.30pm for additional training for those who would like to use that time for:

  • Iaido, Aiki-weapons, Aiki-Cane (Self-Defence using a walking stick),
  • Kiatsu (Shiatsu) Massage 
  • A time of peace, meditation before the main training session.  
  • Time with Sensei dealing with any problems, questions or other issues.

Cost of Training and Attendance

***Introductary offer -  First 3 sessions + temporary indemnity insurance for only £20***

Matt fees:

£7.00 per session

Concessionary rate of £5.00 per session (e.g unemployed / receiving jobseekers).  Evidence of your status must be shown

Prices cover the hire of the hall and general running of the Dojo.

We train Fridays all of the year round, including school holidays (both summer and half terms). The fridays we do NOT train is during the Christmas holidays.
If there are any other cancellations e.g due to courses, or changes to training times, students will be notified personally and details will be placed on the Dojo Noticeboard on this website.

Please let the person taking the register or Sensei Steve know in advance when you do not plan to attend training. Please either phone or email Sensei Steve before the session if you are ill or cannot make a session so we know who to expect. Failure to do this would mean you would be marked in the register as absent from training without explanation and may be charged. 

If you no longer wish to train at the Dojo could you also please phone or email to let us know. Thank you.

Kotegaeshi throw

Insurance and Membership

We are now members of Aikido for Daily Life (ADL)  and as such are insured through the British Aikido Board (BAB)

Insurance is for your safety and the safety of those people you train with.  Your insurance will cover training of Aikido in our two Dojo under supervision by a qualified BAB CL1 coach ( Sensei Steve Fyffe )

Before training all students must:
  • Fill in a membership application form including contact details, ailments and emergency contact numbers
  • Pay £7 for indemnity insurance covering three introductory sessions
After you have trained for three sessions all students:
  • Pay for membership for the rest of the year (as detailed below)
  • Be given an insurance slip

Insurance fees are paid annually.  Insurance period is 1st March to 28 February the following year.  Any students joining before March pay for the remaining part of the year and the following year. Fees will be reduced when joining later in the year (to be announced).

Insurance start date

Adult Rates

Concession Rates

1 Jan- 28 February



1 March-31 May



1 June-31 August



1 September-30 November



It is the student's responsibility to ensure that their membership and insurance are kept up to date.

ADL logo - Member of ADL : BAB logo - Insured by BAB

We are now members of Aikido for Daily Life

Aikido for Daily Life (ADL) is what is says on the tin.  A group of like minded people who believe that Aikido is much more than training a few hours a week.

The founder of Aikido wanted his arts to be lived not just studied.  He wanted people to live the way of Aiki.  I have studied the Martial Arts now for over 57 Years and I am just beginning to understand this concept.  It is never too late to learn, and it is my sincere belief that being part of this group can only be a good thing.  

We are pleased to announce that our membership application has been succesful  and we are now starting our first year involved with this group from March 2014,  Everything that involves running the Dojo will be done within the ADL structure yet we shall remain the dojo we originally set up.

All Insurance will be sorted as British Aikido Board (BAB) and there will be an opportunity for students to attend ADL courses

I look forward very much to being an active part of ADL and I know that the Dojo and Students will play their part as well.

Click here for the Aikido for Daily Life webpage to learn more!

The British Aikido Board (BAB) - The umbrella organisation for Aikido in the UK

We are now members of Aiki Extensions

For many years now at Seminaries, teaching at different Dojos and Where I teach and train in Norwich, I have always stated that "Aikido is much more than techniques".  In the modern times of Martial Arts Students and even so called Instructors seem to only talk and teach about Techniques. It has always been my belief that the way of Aiki (Do) the way or way and Aiki (Harmony of Ki) losely translated, should be applied to dailly life. On and off of the Mat. 

We are now part of Aiki Extensions an organization dedicated to disseminating and applying Aiki principles and methods outside the traditional martial arts training situation. Aiki is the core of Aikido. It is a practical philosophy of harmony and cooperative action. It consists of principles and methods of self-awareness, calmness under pressure, compassionate power, and respectful engagement with others.  AE members have applied Aiki principles in such areas as business, bodywork, psychotherapy, teaching, mediation, and sports. They have found that Aiki principles enhance their professional effectiveness and personal well being.

Click on here for the Aiki Extensions webpage to learn more

UK Aiki Extensions and Quentin Cooke's webpage

WE ARE NOW ON FACEBOOK  - You can find us under Norwich Aikido.  Become a friend and get all the latest information and news and much much more....!

Visit our facebook page

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What to expect in our Aikido Dojo

We usually start with a warm up session: this is so that the body can be gently stretched and that all muscles can be warmed up. The warm up will also consist of Aikido body movements and sometimes Ukemi (taking falls and techniques)

The training follows with a particular theme for all students to study. Later in the training the class is usually split in to 2 or 3 groups to study items related to the differing levels.

Just before the warm down period students who are ready and feel confident enough take a Randori session (free style against multiple attacks). This tests the students courage, body movements, distance, balance and timing etc.

Lastly we warm down gently and if time permits we have a time of meditation. 

As well as empty hand techniques (Tai Jitsu) weapons are used as tools to help show Aikido principles and for showing attack and defensive tactics. The weapon tools of Aikido are: the jo (4 foot staff), the bokken (wooden sword) and the tanto (wooden or rubber knife). The more advance students sometimes use a Cane (walking stick) for defence and to illustrate Aikido Principles. 

Care and respect must always be taken when training. Please refer to the Behaviour in the Dojo page for more information about how to behave in the Dojo. The purpose of Dojo behaviour and manners is not just for manners alone but for your own safety and the safety of all other students.

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Very important Notice:  All training at the Norman Centre has now ended owing to lack of student take up and interest.  Training will still continue at Sewall park sports centre on Friday evenings as usual. All details will be found here on website.

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