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SYKES'S - The Aiki Dog (II)


WOOF! My name is Sykes, I am a Black Flat Coated Retriever.
D.O.B. 6 August 2007

Will be starting training with my master Monday 15th June 2009, the first day will be getting used to my new home and learning to listen to commands from Steve and have lots of fun and games.

Griffin officially retires the weekend before I arrive and he has found a very good new home which he fully deserves for all of his work he has done Now it is my turn, will keep everyone informed by typing with my small paws on this page.

Our first week

Woof.....! everyone, it is now Saturday mornin, date 20th June, 2009. It has been a very hard week for me, as I am a type of Dog that likes to do things my way. Now, Steve is learning to be strict with me! This week we have traveled many roots some I find interesting while others have a diferent interest for me.

On the Thursday outing we went to a cafe which I found interesting. During the afternoon, we went on a basic root and it all went very wrong

We both made up for it on the Friday Morning and in the afternoon I had an enjoyable free run session.

Tursday evening Steve took me out to an activity called Sword Class...! very strange, even worse, Friday evening, we went to an Aikido session.. lots of strange noises I will have to get used too.
I have a tendency to bark a fair bit.

We have a lot to live up to for next week, until then, Sykes.

week 2 Sunday 28th june 2009

Woof! everyone, a very hrd working week both for me and Steve. We started on the Caffe rout then on the second day westarted out on the so called Liz route. A lot to remember, and learn for the both of us. Thnext 3 days were spent on those 2 routes, Sve was now working without trainer using his lead. Thursdy was a very hot day, I lost energy and concentration going back route to home. Humans' fult turned arround to fast for hot conditions.

We must have got things right in the end as I had a really good free run at the end of the week.

Liz looked after me this week at the Dojo, I know that I was well behaved becauseI got a treat.....! Until next week. Sykes.

Week 3 Saturday 4th July 2009

Woof! Everyone, a very long week, the sun was very hot even the humans cmplained. It was so warm, that I decided to lay down for a rest on rute.

We did longer routes this week and some trafic work so I had to b very good! We qualified 1st July 2009, that means Steve can start working me onhis own...! Saturay morning (today) we went to the the shops on our own. We did well, as tve Phoned Andy (GDMI) tell him how it went. I know i was very good as Stee gave me a special treat when we got home. Until next time, Sykes (now a working guide dog)

Sunday 12th July 2009

Woof....! everyone, Yes I do bark rather a lot mainly because I get very excited and also to warn people that there are some strange things about.

A hard week for us both as Steve's Father died early Monday morning and it was a very sad time. It was decided to continue with our training as too much disruption would unsettle me .

We studied some more routes and did some trafic and some off curb work. I was good enough to get some treats.....! Friday we had a free run session, off curb work, then I panicked Steve for some reason was left to do a route on his own with out the trainer, i could not see the trainer so I did not settle down, this sometime happens with us dogs. It was a very good week all the same. Until the next time, Sykes.

Sunday 19th July 2009

Woof! everyone, Has been an interesting week for me. We covered all base roots and even went for a ride on a train. Friday we went to the Aikido dojo, I think that it is called something like that, on our own. Thursday evening Steve had his Sword class, I did behave myself and was awarded a very special treat.

Saturday we went to visit some friends of Steve and had a meal outside in their garden, called (A Barbie), what is that all about, all food to me! Until next tie, Sykes.

Sunday 26th July / Sunday 2nd August 2009

Woof...! Yes I am writing two in one this time, as I am feeling lazy with my paws.

We ar now at the stagewhere we are left to get on with life on our own without a trainer being there. There will always be backup if Steve or me require it

Most of the time, we are very sucessful, but, at this time ofthe the year, there are many distractions owing t the summer break.

Some times we have got lost but, as Steve says that is part of the learning processes and the fun of it all.

to me, one alley way is much like another with cats, dogs, or, even some discd food if I am very lucky....!

e are now traeling about o all thbasic outes and even coverig the cit ara although Stev at this stage, is doing things very gradully.

until the next time, Sykes.

September / October 2009

Woof, everyone has been some time since I have put my paws to keyboard. Steve and me have been extremely busy. I have been lerning more new routes and re-enforcing olde ones, very necessary when one is learning.

Steve injured his ankle early September and it has been very hard for him.

During the Middle of September, we went to a very large seminar run by Kevin Pell, very nice man....! I have been tol that I was very well behaved for my first time at such an event. I did have many treats.

Steve's Girl Liz is away on holiday for a week will be back 3rd October I do not understand why we are not at her place.....! I still bark a lot, and I get up to michief not myfult that is in my breeding, that is what the books say and I believe everything I read.

This month beingOctober Steve is hoping to work me full time in the evenings if the weather permitts. This will give me much exercise which I like and will improve my concentration, that is Steve's therry!

Steve has now to write up my montly reports 3 outstanding but, he has had a lot of family things to worry about.

I will update you all again next month the dreaded Fireworks etc. Bye for now Woof, Sykes.

February 2010

Woof......! Everyone, has been a very long time since I have put paw to keyboard, but things have been very hard for me and Steve, the weather an the fire works etc. I do not mind the noise of the Fire works. We have now covered all the main routes that Steve and me use on a daily basis and hopefully when the weather improves, we will start traveling about much more.

My bweight is alittle on the heavy side but, Steve believes that when we are back working full time, it will settle down again.

What a Month January was Snow Snow Ice ice Snow...! We had to spend a lot of time at home during January and since the first week of February we have started making the most of the lost time up.

I still lov running about and barking and getting up to all srts. Things are Not easy for Steve at moment will talk about that at a later date.

A great big Woof to you all until the next time. (Sykes)

February 14th 2010

Woof....! everyone, has been a very interesting time Steve's people problem appears to have been sorted so, we are bak to normal.

Last Thursday, 11th Steve took me to Theatre Royal to hear and see some woman singing (Elkie Brooks), her name is. I was very spoilt and met many people who made a fuss of me, but, even better, we went behind the stage afterwards to meet Elkie herself, she was lovely.

I behaved well did only bark at the end because, I wanted the loo....! Still icy out and there is a met warning of Snow within the next few days Stee tells me.

Will type again soon woof, Sykes.

September 20th 2010

WOOF....! everyone, has been a very long time since I have put my paws to keyboard, have been very busy in the home area negotiating lots of Road Works hope that they come to an end soon.

Over the last six months I have travelled about with Steve even to Sussex. My first real trip outside the home area. We had a very enjoyable four days, I enjoyed myself with the family dogs and was able to go in and out as the place was closed in.

Saturday and Sunday was spent inside and people were spoilin me and at the end of the Aikido Seminar I was able to run about. That was the early part of September.

Last Saturday being the 19t September Steve went to Thetford Leasure Centre to help with a Seminar. I went there last Year this year we were only able to make the one day (Saturday).

I was not well when we arrived but, I soon recovered and enjoyed myself I know that I behaved well on both seminaries because, Steve gave me special treats on the Sunday.

Until next time, a beig WOOF to you all, Sykes the AIKI_DOG 2. I am using Griffin's old title.

August 2011

It has now been just over 2 years that I have been with my new master Steve. We have been out and about but not on away on Holiday yet. We may not go away this year as a lot of money has been spent on getting the cmputer working again and updating the software.

We are invited again to Kevin's Seminar I look forward to that as I am thourghly spoilt...!

This year has also been Steve's 60th Birthday year he is a lot older than I am. I still bark a lot butI am sure that
Steve is used to it now.

We have not had any serious problems and I appear to be working well.

Mike Selvey came to see us during the months of June I like him....he lets me get away with things.

Will write again much sooner next time from tme a big woof to you all......Sykes the Aikidog.

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