Martial art: Can I use a kendo's bokken for iado's training?
8 February 2023

Kendo and iaido are two ancient martial arts, both of which involve the use of a sword. Both arts have their own distinct styles, techniques, and forms, making them unique and requiring different approaches. While a bokken (wooden sword) is commonly used in kendo, it is not typically used in iaido.

The main difference between kendo and iaido is that kendo is a sport, while iaido is a discipline. Kendo involves sparring with a partner and has a set of rules and regulations, while iaido is focused more on form and self-improvement. Because of this, the type of weaponry used in each art is different. A kendo bokken is made of wood and is designed to be light and provide protection. The weight and balance of a kendo bokken are important for the sport, as it allows for quick and efficient movements.

In iaido, however, the focus is on solo sword drawing and cutting techniques. The sword used in iaido is usually a katana, which is made of metal and is much heavier than a kendo bokken. The weight of the katana allows for more powerful and accurate cutting techniques. Using a kendo bokken for iaido training would not be recommended, as it would not provide the same level of accuracy and power as a katana would.

Overall, while a kendo bokken can be used to practice basic kendo techniques and forms, it should not be used for iaido training. A katana is the preferred weapon for iaido, as it provides more power and accuracy. If you are interested in both kendo and iaido, it is important to remember that each art requires different equipment and techniques.